Parentage analysis

Parentage analysis

Always wanted to know more about the ancestry of that standout yearling? You can now with parentage analysis! A DNA sample from the animal in question is taken using a simple nasal swab. We take care of the rest!

In the dairy goat sector, a commonplace practice is mating young does, in particular, with several bucks. This practice often increases the pregnancy results, but from the perspective of breeding it remains unclear which specific buck is responsible for any genetic progress. DNA testing can be used to verify afterwards which buck has sired the kid. This enables a more targeted approach to breeding. Parentage analysis delivers the following benefits:

  • Prevents inbreeding
  • Provides insight into the quality of the farm’s own bucks (production of progeny and fertility)
  • Higher reliability of breeding values as the kinship coefficient is revealed
  • No reduction in pregnancy results caused by continued use of multiple bucks


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