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Your reliable breeding partner for 25 years

Goats AI the Netherlands is the best known EU-certified breeding organisation for artificial insemination of dairy goats in the Netherlands. We are recognised for ensuring the highest possible health status and for the many proven pregnancy results. Our main ambition is to provide genetic products from superior quality Dutch dairy goats while eliminating the risk of introducing diseases.

To achieve this, we supply semen from the very best bucks with the highest possible health status from our certified AI station. We also offer a range of associated services relating to reproductive management, breeding planning and insemination. This enables us to define and successfully realise a suitable breeding goal for each goat farm.


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Animal health first

Animal health is and remains one of the basic conditions for success. We therefore believe in operating a closed-herd system. AI plays a key role in this. To safeguard the status of the closed-herd system, Goats AI NL applies the strictest possible health protocol at its AI station. This vision lies at the heart of the decision to establish Goats AI NL more than 20 years ago. It is still one of our key values today and will remain so in the future.

Stringent health status requirements also apply to the breeders who supply us with bucks. In addition to certification (CL and CEA free), additional testing is also performed on bulk-tank milk and individual parent animals are examined before the buck is born. The buck is transferred to the quarantine zone at the AI station as soon as possible after kidding. Here, the young bucks are also extensively tested before they are used for AI purposes. We take this approach to ensure the highest possible health status.


"The qualities of our proven bucks have been proven twice: through official data from parents ánd from daughters"


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Selection policy

Selecting the new generation of bucks is a meticulous process. We work with experienced breeders who are passionate about their animals. Breeding a good buck starts with selecting the right male and female animals to mate. The females used for breeding must meet many requirements such as high production, high breeding values, good conformation and a pedigree with a new bloodline.