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The fertility of your goats is crucial to the success of your farm. This applies to both artificial insemination and natural service. At Goats AI NL, we have acquired a wealth of expertise in recent years that will improve fertility levels on your farm. We can provide valuable support around the service and insemination period both in and out of the breeding season.

In addition, we offer a pedometer that can determine the precise moment for insemination. This activity monitoring system is an easy way to identify the right moment to inseminate each goat.


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Breeding plan

Do you want to boost productivity and increase the longevity of your goats? A good breeding plan is essential. We are happy to work with you to define a plan for the future and put it into practice. There are many options for the genetic products and the methods applied to achieve the breeding goal.

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Insemination service

Inseminating goats is a specialised technique that demands a high level of competence. Thanks to our collaboration with specialists and many years of experience, we have a dedicated team that can inseminate herds of any size. We can also provide support during the preparatory phase so that insemination is a smooth, stress-free process.

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