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Goat AI the Netherlands offers a lot more than only selling semen. We advise and support goat farmers on breeding and artificial insemination. We offer the following services:

Insemination services

We offer the possibility to do the artificial insemination for you. Our specialised employees are trained to do the AI and do this on a regular bases in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Fertility Management

It’s most common in the Netherlands to use a synchronisation schedule for the goats that you perform AI on. Goats AI the Netherlands can advise the goat farmer with this process to achieve the best pregnancy results.

Planning of breeding

We will help you to make the right choice in breeding of goats. We know the answer of questions like:

bullet1What is the difference between my best goats and the best goats to perform AI on.

bullet1How to inseminate goats without proper milk recording details.

bullet1How to make the right match on conformation treats and triple aAa.

bullet1How to avoid inbreeding.

bullet1How to find the ideal number of goats to AI on a yearly basis.

bullet1How to select goats based on production, age, pedigree and fertility.