Innovation and continual progress

The Dutch dairy goat sector has made immense progress in the areas of feed management, kid rearing and animal health over the past few years. We are proven global pioneers in the goat sector and at the forefront of efficient production. Extended lactation is an important way to achieve production efficiency. We are increasingly seeing goats who in two lactations, or sometimes only one, effortlessly achieve lifetime production of 10,000 kg of milk or more. This is a unique performance in the world and a feat we have achieved together through targeted breeding.

Breeding will play an increasingly significant role in the future to maintain a leading, global position. After all, breeding forms the foundation for the next generation of dairy goats and therefore for the future of your farm. Goats AI NL wants to work with you on the future and optimise breeding and fertility management on your farm by identifying the qualities of each individual animal.

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Users share their experiences

“The pedometers give me a better picture

of the heat status of the most persistent high-productive females. We want progeny from these goats. The activity monitors flag up the goats that fail to come into heat.

Thanks to the pedometers,
we can remove the less fertile goats
which increasingly improves the insemination results."

Martin Zwiep, goat farmer
(100 pedometers)

“Using the pedometers gives me better insemination results. I can also track my pregnant goats much better around kidding and monitor animal health at herd level."

Julien Hendrickx, goat farmer (260 pedometers)

“The ENGS dairy leg tags allow me to literally follow the footsteps of each individual animal in the herd. I can respond proactively to the needs of a goat during all the important phases of her life;

- The optimal time for insemination
 - At times when extra support during pregnancy is needed
 - Small indications of potential health and welfare issues are also signalled.

Continuous product development achieves this.

Shaula Bouwman, vet at Lintjeshof veterinary practice


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